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(Making NYC dance tango since 1996)
La Milonga Rosa
Fridays in NYC


$12 ($15 with the classes included)
$ 8 (Students with ID )
Ukrainian East Village Restaurant
140 2nd Ave ( between 8th & 9thSt)
Dinner and drinks optional

Cecilia Piccinni started to dance ballet when she was seven years old, being lucky enough to be able to perform in the beautiful Roma theatre of Buenos Aires. In her teens, she studied drama theatre. Nearing the end of this artistic adolescence, she started the tango, participating in Torneos Juveniles Bonaerenses. For a couple of years, she was performing and training in her city, in private and social events. In the meantime, she was finishing her degree in Foreign Trade at the University and worked in a well known multinational company.

In 2003, she decided to make a change in her life, working hard to obtain what she was looking for in tango. So, she started to take as many lessons as she could and going out to milongas every night, what made her a milonguera.

Cecilia has performed in several milongas in Buenos Aires. As a resident teacher, she used to be a permanent member of Tango Brujo school since 2006 till 2010. She has also worked in many workshops and festivals in many cities around the world. She also toured in the US participating in the Baltimore Tango Festival 2011 and did workshops in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

In 2013, she toured around Europe and Middle East with Diego Riemer and Andres Molina, participating in many festivals and workshops.

Dominic Bridge discovered his passion for tango in 2005 during his studies in foreign languages and psychology at the University of Oregon. Since, he has given shows and workshops all across Europe and North America, and in Buenos Aires.

In 2008, Dominic spent over a year as the head instructor for the newly-established tango school L’Assocciazione Pablo in Florence, Italy. By the end of 2008, La Pablo had become one of the most prestigious tango schools in Tuscany. In the winter of 2011 he took over the instruction for the school Tango Mio, in Moscow. He has also taught at The 8th Style School of Tango in Seattle under North American tango legend, Jaimes Friedgen, his most influential teacher.

Passionate about inspiring his students, Dominic always encourages them to go deeper and to find joy both in their process and their successes. Many of Dominic’s students have gone on to teach tango and several are emerging professional tango artists.

Specializing in improvisation with an emphasis on musical interpretation, Dominic views tango in the same way he views any language: there are clear rules of structure, grammar, all of which can (and must) be broken when understood. These elements form a foundation necessary in communicating in one’s own way. His effectiveness as a teacher grows from his deep understanding of movement, his ability to clearly communicate, and his skill in transmitting his passion for tango. He is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and is learning French.

In 2011, Dominic decided to continue pursuing his career in Europe with a home base in Paris, where he offered regular group classes at the school Tango Mon Amour (l’Association Paris Buenos Aires) and at IFPRO - Institut de formation professionnelle Rick Odums.

In 2012, Dominic was awarded the prestigious “Compétences et talents” card, allowing him to live and work with tango freely and independently in France. Since February ‘12, Dominic started a new collaboration with the world-renowned Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh, hailing from Toulouse, France, now living in Germany.

Dominic Bridge teaches his students that you can talk for the sake of hearing your own voice, or you can say something worth listening to, worth remembering, worth understanding and sharing, worth dancing with.



ARTEM “TIOMA” MALORATSKY started his studies of tango in Miami, Florida, in 1994, where he later performed in the show “Tango Fever”. In 1996 he moved to New York and began frequent visits to Argentina, studying with such masters as Pupi Castello, Nito and Elba, Raul Bravo, Omar Vega, Guillermina Quiroga , Graciela Gonzales, Jorge Nel, Mariano Frumboli. His dancing is inspired in large part by the classic salon style of the 1940’s, which he has seeks out and studies during his prolonged stays in Buenos Aires.

As a teacher, Tioma is known for making the authentic salon style of tango accessible to his students. He concentrates on musicality, balance, connection between the partners, and improvisational techniques for social dancing. To enhance and refine his dancing, as well as to deepen his approach to teaching, Tioma has studied the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Nei Kung, Yoga, and Mindfulness meditation. He has been successfully applying his understanding of body dynamics to helping students improve their general movement coordination while learning how to dance. Tioma has authored the internationally acclaimed website tangoprinciples.org, which is used by tango teachers and enthusiasts around the world.

Tioma currently resides in New York City, teaches and performs at various tango venues, produces and DJs at the weekly tango event Ensueño, and also DJs at milonga La Nacional and various other tango events in New York City. He has taught at The International Ballet Dance Center at Carnegie Hall, Stepping Out Ballroom and Latin Studios, Champions Dance Studio, New York Health and Racquet Club, and at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing. Tioma has given tango workshops in Washington, DC, Cleveland, OH and Boston, MA. He has performed in The Tango Lesson program with the Symphony Orchestra of Eugene, Oregon, starred in “Tango Fusion” Show at the American Theater of Actors, in “Tango Fest” at the New York City Town Hall, club Sunderland in Buenos Aires and in the World Tango Congress in Rosario, Argentina.



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