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(Making NYC dance tango since 1996)
La Milonga Rosa
Fridays in NYC



$12 ($15 with the classes included)
$ 8 (Students with ID )
Ukrainian East Village Restaurant
140 2nd Ave ( between 8th & 9thSt)
Dinner and drinks optional

Andres Bravo is a talented dancer, instructor and choreographer who began dancing Argentine Tango at 11 years of age. He has studied with World-renowned Tango Masters such as; Miguel Angel Zotto, Martin Ojeda, Roberto Herrera, Julio Balmaceda and Gabriel Misse. In 1999 his performance career launched when he became part of the Tango Festival “Colombo Argentina” in a tour throughout Colombia produced by Impresario Walter Davis. Following the end of his tour, in 2000 he became part of the Tango Company “Una cita con el Tango” directed by Alexander Giraldo in the city of Pereira, Colombia for 2 years. In 2002 he became part of the cast of “Argentine Tango Show” touring the United Emirates and performing for six consecutive months at the prestigious Jumeirath Beach Hotel in Dubai. Throughout the years he has been part of several well-recognized World Tango Competitions and Festivals. In 2006 he was National Stage Tango Champion in “Tangovia” a Tango Competition held in Manizales, Colombia and in 2009 he won the National Stage Tango Competition in the city of Bogota, which he then continued on to represent Colombia at the eighth World Tango Summit held in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. In addition he has dedicated great part of his professional life to teaching tango to people of all walks of life in a very unique and effortless way. During the past year, Andres has taught and performed with the show “Three to Tango” along with Jorge Nel and Milena Buitrago touring several cities in the United States and abroad. As a choreographer, he is in high demand for his innovative and unique style of choreography. In 2011 he was asked to choreograph the show “Por amor al Tango” directed and produced by musician Erskine Maytorena in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Andres Bravo’s genuine warm personality and years of experience as Choreographer, Instructor, and dancer of salon and stage Tango continues to lead him to great success.
http:// www.andresycarolina.com/

CAROLINA JAURENA. Influenced by her parents, a Bandoneon Master and her mother a Tango singer from Venezuela, from an early age Carolina pursued a desire to perform. Her training includes ballet, salsa, and flamenco to where she now specializes in Argentine Tango. She has worked with some of the most recognized names in the tango world, Jorge Torres, Fabian Peralta, Cesar Coelho and Hugo Patyn. Having been fortunate enough to work with some of the best, it comes as no surprise that Carolina’s career is filled with a long list of dance credits that includes, Tango & Tango at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, Tango Fantastico at the Bellearyre Music Festival, on Broadway at Town Hall in the show “Tangos for la Milonga” with Romulo Larrea and in 2005 she traveled to Europe to perform with the Sudwestfalen Philarmonic at the Symphonic Tango night in Hilchenbach-Lutzel, Germany. She performs regularly with Teatro Si in New Jersey and in New York with Leonardo Suarez Paz’s“Cuartetango” and Thalia Spanish Theatre in Queens. Among other places, Carolina teachces at Triangulo. Check her site for more information: http:// www.andresycarolina.com/ and www.carolinadancer.com


sIlene Marder
In addition to being the founder and director of WoodstockTango, Ilene has established a reputation as a popular Tango DJ, who plays regularly at milongas & festivals in NYC and surrounding areas with recent DJ jaunts to Boston, Chicago, Toronto, & Miami. She is one of the very few non-Argentines to DJ in Buenos Aires at Salon Canning and the only one to have DJ’d Porteño y Bailarin. She is a "traditional" musicalizadora (tango DJ) using cortinas, tandas and the most beautiful classic tango ever recorded. She is also adept at offering some lovely danceable surprises from the modern nuevo and alternative tango worlds, and has a heck of a good time djing tango, salsa and swing events! She conducts MEET THE MUSIC sessions to better acquaint dancers with the key orquesta's of the Golden Age, and composes tango sampler cd's for educational purposes. She is available to DJ private tango parties and all kinds of events. More info on Ilene and Woodstock Tango, www.woodstocktango.com

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