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(Making NYC dance tango since 1996)
La Milonga Rosa
Fridays in NYC

Argentine Tango with


$12 ($15 with the classes included)
$ 8 (Students with ID )
Ukrainian East Village Restaurant
140 2nd Ave ( between 8th & 9thSt)
Dinner and drinks optional

aAudrey Martinez’s experience in the dance industry spans from instructor to program director throughout schools worldwide.
Native New Yorker Audrey Martinez is known internationally as a creative, musical, punctual and an adventuress dancer and live performer. Working as an improvisational and show performer, she always captivates an audience with her sultry movement, elegance and feminine cadence.

As a teacher she is known by her students as a warm, patient and vivid instructor making classroom time both informative and entertaining. Audrey counts among her teaching credits top studios locally (including the Julliard School), dance schools nationwide, and international teaching positions in London, Belfast, Dublin, Paris, Rome and Madrid.

Audrey is also available for corporate functions , parties and private lessons (347)581-6952

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Rodrigo "DJ Charrua" Saraibe, originally from Uruguay, studied sound and light engineering at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in Argentina. Rodrigo has been working as a sound engineer, DJ, and stage manager since 1995, and has ample experience as a promoter of rock and Tango events and stage in Buenos Aires, and worked in Miami,FL. for various local bands and TV shows as a music designer. Rodrigo resides in Chicago IL since 2002 , where he has been working in the integration of audio and visual arts using his sound and light design skills. As a native Uruguayan, Rodrigo began discovering his origins by exploring tango music. His passion for Tango music has lead him to acquire an extensively impressive collection of music. He has been DJ in some of the most prominent Tango Millongas in the US, including the 2013 US Tango Festiva,2014 US Tango Festival and Championshipl and Championship held in San Francisco CA. Boston Marathon 2014 Rodrigo DJ Charrua DJs for several Milongas in Chicago IL and is schedule as the DJ for the Shall we Dance Festival NYC 2014, 2015 US Tango Festival and Championship, Chicago Tango Week 2015 Boston Marathon 2015. One City Tango Marathon2015 Newport News, VA
 https://www.facebook.com/ pages/Dj-Charrua-Tango/


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